First thing first, this site is about bloging my joomla development's journey, so i really want to make joomla as my blogging platform as convinient as i can. But to be honest, joomla is an CMS system, it's not blogspot or wordpress which by default you already get a nice and easy blogging platform. At this moment, i'm using RSBlog from RSJoomla for my blogging platform. i got 50% discount during 2012 Black Friday Sale... Wohooo ! this gives me instant bloggin platform

So my first task here is to create RSBlog Dashboard as my admin landing page, so i don't have to do a lot of clicks just to post something. So here we go...

The bad news is.. there's no such thing as setting for Admin Landing Page in joomla, so either you create a plugin for it, or you can hack it a bit. I think i'm going to hack it for this site, because it's simple and only need less than 5 minutes to do it, especially when you compare it with time require to make a custom plugin:

  1. Go to administrator/components/com_login/controller.php
  2. find $return = $model->getState('return');
  3. change it to $return="?option=<YOUR DEFAULT COMPONENT>";

See ! as simple is that, it doesn't even need a minute to do it. Although i believe com_login will rarely have an update, but if your code wiped out during the upgrade, you only need to spend a minute to fix it.


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