This is one of the tips that i found very useful when customizing your joomla back end for your client like i do.. its Auto Filtering Category based on link. Why use link ? well, at my case its because i'm using SEBLOD and it extend com_content to the new level of Joomla Experience. If you don't believe me just try it !  So, As developer, now i'm relying Seblod more than 3rd party component and i'm using totally custom admin menu for my client and if you're developer... you probably need it too...coz you don't want your client mess up your works, right ?

Okay, here's the easy tips. Use this format :



- category_id , the category ID
- published , content's state: -2 (Trashed), 0 (Unpublished), 1(Published), 2(Archived), *(All) 
- level , level of depth
- access , user access level
- author_id , author id
- language , language code
- tag , your article tag


So for example you like to have a link for all published content from Category 23, your link would be:


That's the tips of the day, hope it usefull for your project