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To hack or not to hack joomla

Written by Viktor Iwan

This is kind of topic that you guys need to think of... should we hack joomla or not ? if not, how to make joomla can 'behave' like your (client) needs ?

Here's some of my consideration that give you insight:

Pro of Joomla Hack:

  • Quick, you dig deep into core coding make modification, and done
  • Lite, you don't need extra plugin/extension to have what you need, and it make your joomla site lighter

Cons of a Joomla Hack:

  • Wiped Out ! when you do the update of your joomla or your extension, there's possibility that your hack wiped out by the new files

How to extend but not hack Joomla ? 


Joomla Mastery's Virtuemart Payment Plugin Reference

Written by Viktor Iwan

This is the list and objective of standard virtuemart 2 payment plugin. This note is always "on going process", it  is not the official virtuemart 2 plugin and might be changed in the future.

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Virtuemart Plugin : Custom Pluginname

Written by Viktor Iwan

There are times that you (or your client) does not like the way  virtuemart display the payment name, because by default it's a combination between Payment Name and Payment Description:

So how to modify that ?

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Handling IPN

Written by Viktor Iwan

There are 3 functions you are going to have to modify for IPN in Virtuemart 2

This is the function responsible for redirecting to the CC info page.
You will need to create a html form with all the required Linkpoint data (product info, price info, user info), set the action url to the Linkpoint CC page and submit the form using javascript (use the paypal and/or payzen payment plugins as reference)

If the Linkpoint api allows you to send the the return url (page the user is redirected to after payment) and notify url (page the payment getaway ALWAYS calls after payment. Not all payment gateways supports this)  as part of the form data. The return url should be set to[paymentid]

and the notify url should be set to[paymentid]

Replace [paymentid] with the plugin's  id. It should be checked by both plgVmOnPaymentResponseReceived() and plgVmOnPaymentNotification() (see below) to see if it should process the payment

It processes the Linkpoint response displays the status of the transaction to the user.

It processes the Linkpoint response data updates the order status. If Linkpoint does not support this, then your plgVmOnPaymentResponseReceived() function should update the order status


Payment Plugin : $method - all information lies here

Written by Viktor Iwan

When you learn to build Payment plugin from existing/default payment plugin (like standard, paypal) you will see a lot of $method object being use, and $method properties between each plugin is different, so what really inside $method object ?

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Price Format: Maintain decimal format in Virtuemart 2

Written by Viktor Iwan

In my country, we rarely use decimal, so i would like to hide it. In Virtuemart, there are steps that you need to follow to hide the decimal

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Virtuemart Development - Build Custom Payment Plugin 101 (Part 1)

Written by Viktor Iwan

I found out that having payment plugin is almost identical with shipment plugin, so if you want to build the installer you can read my previous post here. i won't cover about installation and detection, instead i will go ahead to configuration and script writing

So.. let's get started !

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Manual cure for 'Oops! Template not found..' in Seblod

Written by Viktor Iwan

You make a great content type, you drag 'n drop a lot of fields, it was an awesome site powered by seblod ! now client want to make adjustment, you add another field and BANG !... slap in the head... the frontend goes to "Oops! Template not found"

This probably similar to your problem, sometime the field that already assigned gone when you save... DAMN SEBLOD  ! ... No ! Seblod Rocks !... DAMN BROWSER!

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Virtuemart Development - Build Custom Shipment Plugin 101 (Part 1)

Written by Viktor Iwan

Four fact for Virtuemart :

  1. It's very promising, it build on top on Joomla MVC , it's not like other joomla shopping cart solution which using external apps into joomla cms.
  2. It's not out of the box solution, you'll have "the plain and default" which require a lot of customization.
  3. The core devs is damn lazy to build technical documentation (i hope they have active doc team someday), so all the details are scattered in the forum
  4. New Update sometime not backward compatible, yes, you're could break your site when you upgrade your virtuemart site (even its minor version, make sure you put attention to changelog)

The only reason why we still use virtuemart is because they're damn good !

So in this tutorial i hope i can briefly guide you to build an extension for virtuemart2 shipment plugin.

For this example, i will build a shipment plugin called JNE

Let's get started !

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Custom Seblod Plugin Development - Part I

Written by Viktor Iwan

SEBLOD 2.0 powers your Joomla site into Powerfull Website Engine. I personally think that this CCK Component  is what missing in Joomla. But still, there's no such thing that 'out-of-the-box' development tools. Eventhough with a lot of awesomness, There's couple of things that require you to do customization. Fortunately, Octopoos team open the opportunity to extend seblod, that is through custom seblod plugin development.

Here's one you should understand about Seblod plugin. Basically seblod plugin is a joomla plugin, a seblod plugin will construct a field, and this field will helps you construct your content type. Why i use the word "construct" ? it is because every field will have it's own independent characteristic (parameter/variable). Think about Inheritance concept is Object Oriented Progamming, the concept still the same.

So when you use "select_dynamic" for student_list, and then you use "select_dynamic" for project_list, these "select_dynamic" basically are different (the query is different, right). Hope this all make sense for you.

So how you create your own base seblod plugins ? This simple question require a lot of answer, i can't give you the details since i'm still learning about it myself, but i'll share to you what i already know... let's start !

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Custom Joomla Admin Landing Page

Written by Viktor Iwan

First thing first, this site is about bloging my joomla development's journey, so i really want to make joomla as my blogging platform as convinient as i can. But to be honest, joomla is an CMS system, it's not blogspot or wordpress which by default you already get a nice and easy blogging platform. At this moment, i'm using RSBlog from RSJoomla for my blogging platform. i got 50% discount during 2012 Black Friday Sale... Wohooo ! this gives me instant bloggin platform

So my first task here is to create RSBlog Dashboard as my admin landing page, so i don't have to do a lot of clicks just to post something. So here we go...

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