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Login Joomla User with Joomla API

Written by Viktor Iwan

At sometime, you need to have your script to login a user via joomla API. Here's how:

function loginJoomlaUser($username,$password,$return=""){
              $app = JFactory:: getApplication();
              $options = array();
              $options[ 'remember'] = JRequest::getBool( 'remember', false );
              $options[ 'return'] = $return;
              $credentials = array();
              $credentials[ 'username'] = $username;
              $credentials[ 'password'] = $password;
              $err = $app->login($credentials, $options);

Add Joomla User Programmatically with Joomla API

Written by Viktor Iwan

So, you code your extension OR use seblod template and you would like to add a user directly from your codes. Here's how:

function addJoomlaUser($username, $name, $email, $password) {
              jimport( 'joomla.user.helper');
              $data = array(
                            "groups"=>array ("1" ,"2" )
              $user = new JUser;
               if(!$user->bind($data)) {
                      throw new Exception("Could not bind data. Error: " . $user->getError());
               if (!$user->save()) {
                      throw new Exception("Could not save user. Error: " . $user->getError());
               return $user->id ;

Connect to other Database (External) in Joomla

Written by Viktor Iwan

When you want to connect other external database from your current project:

$conf =& JFactory::getConfig();
$host 		= ''; //replace your IP or hostname
$user 		= 'db_user'; //database user
$password 	= 'db_pass';//database password
$database	= 'db_name'; //database name
$prefix 	= 'jos_'; //prefix if any else just give any random value
$driver 	= 'mysql'; //here u can also have ms sql database driver, postgres, etc
$debug 		= $conf->getValue('config.debug');
$options	= array ( 'driver' => $driver, 'host' => $host, 'user' => $user, 'password' => $password, 'database' => $database, 'prefix' => $prefix );

$db =& JDatabase::getInstance( $options );

//Do the rest of process (queries) like usual