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Joomla+Seblod Site Performance Part 2 - CDN

Written by Viktor Iwan

On the first part, we already setup GZIP that already make our site way faster. Now we're using CDN to (at least) make content delivery (mostly images) faster.

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) works by providing alternative server nodes for users to download resources (usually static content like images and JavaScript). These nodes spread throughout the world, therefore being geographically closer to your users, ensuring a faster response and download time of content due to reduced

There are 2 types of CDN Service:

- host your domain (DNS) :,

- not host your domain:, Amazon CloudFront

For this testing purpose, i'm choosing Cloudflare as they have FREE package


So let's dig in !



Setting up cloudflare account little bit unconvinient for me. Why ? because my background is a programmer not a network administrator. With CDN, you will be facing with some specific setting like DNS, IP, firewall, etc.

And after spend 1 hours to study some basic setting of cloudlfare, i am leaving my site and waiting for DNS propagation to be settled




Joomla+Seblod and Performance Part 1

Written by Viktor Iwan

After 3 years in joomla, i finally have time to focus on web performance, i will share all the result here. The Objective for this test is simple.. Joomla + Seblod is so powerfull but it comes with a great price.. heavy resources. This is why you need to focus on your site performance, especially when you're on limited resources like on shared server.

i will optimize a site in . When you visit the link, it probably already change to something else (or already optimized), this is because is one of my unused domain.

go to for real site

So, let's get started

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To hack or not to hack joomla

Written by Viktor Iwan

This is kind of topic that you guys need to think of... should we hack joomla or not ? if not, how to make joomla can 'behave' like your (client) needs ?

Here's some of my consideration that give you insight:

Pro of Joomla Hack:

  • Quick, you dig deep into core coding make modification, and done
  • Lite, you don't need extra plugin/extension to have what you need, and it make your joomla site lighter

Cons of a Joomla Hack:

  • Wiped Out ! when you do the update of your joomla or your extension, there's possibility that your hack wiped out by the new files

How to extend but not hack Joomla ?