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Virtuemart Development - Build Custom Payment Plugin 101 (Part 1)

Written by Viktor Iwan

I found out that having payment plugin is almost identical with shipment plugin, so if you want to build the installer you can read my previous post here. i won't cover about installation and detection, instead i will go ahead to configuration and script writing

So.. let's get started !

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Virtuemart Development - Build Custom Shipment Plugin 101 (Part 1)

Written by Viktor Iwan

Four fact for Virtuemart :

  1. It's very promising, it build on top on Joomla MVC , it's not like other joomla shopping cart solution which using external apps into joomla cms.
  2. It's not out of the box solution, you'll have "the plain and default" which require a lot of customization.
  3. The core devs is damn lazy to build technical documentation (i hope they have active doc team someday), so all the details are scattered in the forum
  4. New Update sometime not backward compatible, yes, you're could break your site when you upgrade your virtuemart site (even its minor version, make sure you put attention to changelog)

The only reason why we still use virtuemart is because they're damn good !

So in this tutorial i hope i can briefly guide you to build an extension for virtuemart2 shipment plugin.

For this example, i will build a shipment plugin called JNE

Let's get started !

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