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How to disable Seblod Integration for Joomla User

Written by Viktor Iwan

Seblod is great Joomla Addon, in fact, i wish it preinstalled with joomla. But sometime, as integrator and developer, we install 3rd party component that also handle user management in joomla. So, for this time, i have task to disable seblod integration for Core Joomla User Component. Here's the 2 simple step to do it..

1. Seblod Options' Stuff

Go to Seblod > Option, and select integration TAB and click on Joomla! User Sub-Tab. From there you will you will need to set Registration to No and for additional step you can set Default Content Type to None. Same thing with Joomla! User Group

Disable Seblod Integration for Joomla User

2. Plugin Setting

Go to Extensions > Plugin Manager

Search for "Seblod", and disable "User - SEBLOD" Plugin

That's All ! if you have any improvment, please post to forum


Numeric Match in Seblod List

Written by Viktor Iwan

One of respected seblod user, James Morell, share his experience regarding build a seblod list with "Numeric Match Filter" in it.... if you don't know what it is, let me give you the preview

Seblod numeric match

Here's James word of wisdom : "On your content type you must change the storage of your field by clicking "alter" and change it to "int(11)" So the search knows to treat all values as integers, rather than strings"

and that's the tip for the day


Custom icon for Client

Written by Viktor Iwan

If you're type of person who pay attention to extra detail to gain better satisfaction to your client.. this tips might help you...

This tips will turn


Into This:

Interested ?

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Create Intro Text / Split Text Automatically

Written by Viktor Iwan

So if you build a news content type, you probably think you need two field to store intro and fulltext.

Well, with this script you don't have to build two field, just use introtext, and we can create the introtext automatically.

if (strlen($intro) > 200) {

// truncate string
$stringCut = substr($intro, 0, 200);

// make sure it ends in a word so "assassinate" doesn't become "ass..."
$intro = substr($stringCut, 0, strrpos($stringCut, ' ')).'[..]';
echo $intro;

Some Notes for you:

  • strip_tags is use to strip-out (erase) all the html tag, so you'll get pure text
  • you need to cut/split the intro text on the white-space, not in the word

Snippet 4 U

Written by Viktor Iwan

Get "Client" path on template, it is usefull if you like to link files like .js or .css:



Manual cure for 'Oops! Template not found..' in Seblod

Written by Viktor Iwan

You make a great content type, you drag 'n drop a lot of fields, it was an awesome site powered by seblod ! now client want to make adjustment, you add another field and BANG !... slap in the head... the frontend goes to "Oops! Template not found"

This probably similar to your problem, sometime the field that already assigned gone when you save... DAMN SEBLOD  ! ... No ! Seblod Rocks !... DAMN BROWSER!

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